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You now have a choice! Choose the Portland, OR exclusive buyer's agent that stands out from the crowd!  The one that specializes in relocation to the Northwest!

We negotiate for you, so there’s never a conflict of interest. We work exclusively for you. It’s a Legal Issue - read and understand the Difference.  It's the buyer’s choice in real estate.

In Oregon, prior to 1993, the policy of agency (Who an agent represents) was that both the listing agent and the selling agent represented the seller (who paid the commission). It was very much a caveat emptor situation. Buyer Beware!

Today, however, in most cases the listing agent represents the seller, and the buyer’s agent represents the buyer. Sellers still pay the commission, but it is paid to the listing brokerage that in turn pays the buyer’s agent.

Now it gets a bit confusing. If you, the buyer, calls the number on a real estate sign or answers an ad for a property, you will most likely be speaking with the seller’s agent. This agent has a legal contract with that particular seller to obtain the best possible price and terms for the property. BUT WAIT! Don’t you want the best possible price and terms for yourself? How can one agent work on both sides of the fence? They can’t! It’s a direct conflict of interest. But, it can be done. Both you and the seller will be asked to sign an agent disclosure form that states that you understand that the agent will now become a dual agent or facilitator, which means that they can’t legally represent either one of you... But only handle the paperwork. Who wins in this situation? Not the seller he thought he was going to be represented. Not the buyer because no one is on his side. But the agent gets paid double. They receive both sides of the commission. What a deal!

Who actually owns the listing contract? Not the agent that listed the property. The real estate company owns it. Therefore, any agent that works for that brokerage is actually an agent for the seller. The State of Washington does allow the principal broker to appoint a buyer’s agent for prospective clients. But the water gets a little murky in the process. Who’s to say that your information or finances aren’t discussed over the water cooler? How much do you think they’ll increase their offer? What’s the most they can pay? It happens all the time. They’re not supposed to talk, but human nature is what it is. What about the fact that your file is right there in the office for other agents (the listing agent) to see? Think about it! Exclusive Buyers Agents simply provide more protection in a real estate transaction.

Have you ever noticed that agents like to show you their (or their companies) listings? If the agent sells his/her own listing, their pay is doubled. And most companies offer a bonus to the agent if they sell a company listing. Always be aware of the motivation.  Exercise your buyer’s choice in real estate!

The only agent that can totally represent the homebuyer 100% is an Exclusive Buyers Agent. A true EBA will never take listings. Nor work for a company that takes listings. It’s the only way to avoid the conflict of interest. And, yes, other agents have reminded us that we are losing half of our business by not taking listings. They just don’t understand it. But, we have made the choice, and would do it all over again. 

As Portland, Oregon's Exclusive Buyers Agent, I will inform you of all pertinent information we can gather regarding the home or the seller. I will provide you with comparable information, so you can determine the true value of the property. You will always be assured of complete confidentiality and accountability.

I'm ready to help you today... and welcome your phone call - even if you're not ready to buy just yet.  Let's get acquainted so I can answer any of your questions or concerns.